Saturday, 16 February 2013


There’s more but these will do for now…….enjoy reading……love, Laurie

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1.     I was a tomboy as a kid…funny right? Besides my dolls I had my own football and I was my hood princess. When your child followed me anywhere…’ll see them whenever I feel like it or better still in the evening…… not cool, well that was what their mothers thought.

2.     Climbing trees used to be one of my favourite things while growing……..yeah don’t be surprised hahahaaa.

3.     READING is my all time favourite thing. I read everything I lay my hands on…….I’ve been reading since I learnt to read but I’m not a nerd lol.

4.     I was home schooled for a while so when I started school I was older than most of my classmates…..but I was made to skip several classes because I was a little bit ahead….shrugging.

5.     Boys boys boys!!!! I used to be so wary of boys whiles in shs. They juststressed me out and got on my nerves moreover my dad was going to kill anyone that came near me…good for them I was wary….I saved their lives hehe.

6.     I’m the only member of my nuclear family that is not tall…yeah and I’ve got lots of nicknames like “little”, ”small”, ”akiti”…… if I care.
7.     Grandpa is my favourite family member,may his soul rip. I loved him too much and he adored me.

8.     I’m a crying baby…….forget I said that. But seriously, things get to me and whenever that happens crying is one of my ways of reducing my anxiety……but you are never going to see me cry.

9.     I’ve loved taking pictures, fashion, modeling for as long as I can remember. It has always been there.

10.         My teachers in primary school said I was going to be a lawyer, gosh!!! The girl could talk.

11.         My teachers in jhs said I was going to be a doctor …..loooollllzzzzzzz doc what????????

12.         I Loooooooove  icecream OMG I do.

13.         I’m a girl’s girl….if you get me. I love my gals, I understand them perfectly without going crazy…….I’m a genius? I know lol.

14.         I had no idea id be a nurse, in fact it had never occurred to me and I had no idea what nurses did before starting nursing school. I rebelled against being one. But now I’m proud to be a nurse.

15.         I’m not so fond of jewelry, blinks and the likes, they look too cumbersome. I prefer simpler things.

16.         I’m more of a loner than most people think people think. Yeah, I love to hang out, have fun, make merry, but I’m more of a home kind of gal.
17.         Any movie with a bit of comedy or humour? That’s my movie. Sitcoms? Perfect.

18.         I believe in LOVE, real love, crazy love, wild love, beautiful love, adventurous, simple love….just LOVE.

19.         I want to have a lot of children…provided I don’t have to push them all out…well three is a lot right?

20.         My perfect day, “tucked in bed, with music in the background and a great novel. PURE ECSTASY.

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