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Rejection is no new thing to most models,it is said that on the average you'll only book about 30% of the jobs you audition for. Nevertheless, it's disappointing when you go for an audition and you don't book the job,especially when you put in so much effort. There are various reasons why a model might not book a job, but it simply means that you did not meet the requirements for that particular job. 
I had an experience recently when i was told i was too small,they only needed size 8 and size 10 models for the fashion show and my statistics indicate i am a size 6….whoosh!!! maybe i've lost a little bit of weight here and there but am i that tiny? denial???? well it could be,but i was really hurt. They went on to say they love my walk and were going to use me for another project. I was supposed to feel better but I must say, i was really disappointed.

Some model friends of mine shared their experiences as well;

 " I was rejected for a fashion show not because i was not good at catwalk but because they said i was too endowed,which made me feel bad"-GLORIA

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"when it happened to me, i felt the world had come to an end, i was really down. I kept comparing myself to those who were picked,trying to figure out where i went wrong. I said i wasn't going to be a model anymore and it being my first audition i really took it hard. I wished they had told me why i wasn't picked so i could work on it".- JACKIE

"when i auditioned for the job, I was so sure i was going to get the job, so it broke my heart when i realised i had lost it''.-MANDY

"I was booked for a job and went through intensive rehearsals and training. on the final day for fitting before the show i was dropped. It was a big blow for me as i was really excited about being part of that show."- HUBAIDA

 It's bound to happen,so when it does, how do you react?, how does it affect you?what did it teach it you. Join the discussion and share your experiences, let's hear what you have to say.xoxo Laurie

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  1. Must be hard for those who audition too when there are so many people in queue..... but such is life.

  2. Yes Stella. Both parties have a hard time

  3. some people can be really mean.they dont treat models with respect

  4. take the pain... and let it help you grow.. Rejection is the hardest thing to swallow

  5. hmmm nana. that happens sometimes

    swaye yeah. its all about being positive. not everyone is going to say yes to you.

  6. Nice blog! I think rejection is always tough but it definitely helps when one is atleast told the reason.


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