Thursday, 9 April 2015


Earlier today I was in Osu and had a few minutes to spare before an event I had.
I decided to grab a quick breakfast, it was 10am and the reporting time for my event was 10:30am.
I had to make a decision on what and where I wanted to eat.
I'm not really a foodie , I'm more of a meatie lol ,and when it comes to food how good it looks matters to me.
I had seen so many posts on Instagram and personally heard the owner Jay, speak about how her eatery started. 

MUKASECHIC Eatery receives a lot of positive reviews on social media and I had waited too long to try them out, I needed to make sure it wasn't all hype. 
After missing a few turns I finally found the place....First customer of the day Yipeee
Two young men welcomed me nicely and offered me a seat, I was given two options Angwa mo ( oil rice) or jollof rice with chicken or pork. I chose jollof rice with pork.
I had no idea pork could taste so good.

Did I enjoy it? YES
Did it meet my expectations? YES
Will I go there again? YES
Will I recommend the place to others? YES
As Ghanaian as I am , I believe jollof tastes even better after a day or two, so after a few spoons and half of the pork later , I asked them to pack it for me. Did I say i wasnt a foodie? Well!!!

Get in touch with Mukasechic on 0540688682 or 0208787248 to place your orders of for directions to their restaurant. My direction giving skills are nothing to write home about.
find them on instagram @mukasechic_eatery

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