Monday, 10 June 2013


I needed inspiration to write
I'd been home all day and I was bored and feeling quite grumpy
I needed something exciting,something to tickle my senses
So i got up,dressed up and embarked on that 5 minutes journey to the mall
I first went  upstairs to the bookshop,realised I didn't want to buy a book and left
I came downstairs and started walking about
I passed through the food court where people sat eating amid conversations,while others waited for their food
I felt like Alice in Wonderland
What was I doing here?
People passed by,tall,short,black,white,young,old
Some walked in pairs or groups chatting excitedly or just giggling
Life must be good i thought
Some walked slowly,others hastily
Others walked alone,busily pressing their phones, others seemed lost lol 
I met a few people i knew,said hi and kept walking on
Finally, I found an empty space on a bench and sat down 
I was in a daze, detached from my body 
I watched the world from a stranger's point of view
The newly graduated senior high school students quite easy to identify as they made a "triumphant" entry into adulthood lol
Some were awkward and shy,others were obviously putting in their best shot to look as old as possible
Babies starting to fret and crying
Toddlers demanding God Knows What from their parents,others running around with their care takers in tow
Families out to have a good time
So why am I really here?
I looked up and noticed the plasma TV in the hallway,a fiesta condom commercial was being shown...."she'll want more" I smiled and looked away
More and more people passed by
I kept observing their facial expressions and enjoying animated conversations
I sat there and watched the world pass by
Intrigued by some of the things i saw and realising that i i had never really paid attention to any of this in the past
It was an invaluable experience for me because even as I asked myself why i was there, deep down I didnt want to be anywhere else
And it was PRICELESS

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