Monday, 5 May 2014


 For a while now now I've been trying to put down some words for what's been going through my mind, I never found the right words, nothing I put down could better put across what I wanted to express. But just as a single song could sum up your whole life or explain your situation in a way not even you can, I came across this poem that said it all
for me. Maybe you can relate to it too or maybe not, It's worth a read. Thank me later :D

Written by Word Maker

{ for anyone who feels the same}
This  life goes on.
this life that was deemed to be blessed
cut short at the neck

I understand that there were problems
many of them ignored
you suffered, even though you did not show
until the cup was filled full and did overflow
and goes on separately

put the blame on me
i closed my eyes and shut my ears.
I built my ego like the wall of China
and I became the reason for your pain and anguish
but you can put the blame on me

blame me for your sleepless nights and the tears you cried.
sorry that i tore your affection to bits with the words i said
and with the words i failed to say.
i will take the blame for all the nights we quarreled
for all the days we just shut each other up with silence.
I am responsible for the heartache and headache.
the days when you thought I was just impossible

I was impossible.
Impossible with my words, with my feelings,
so impossible with my intellect.
It hurt you even though you showed no sign.
And they crept into the crevices of your cracked heart.
Its a shame on me that I am the reason for your pain.
So put the blame on me.

blame me for the fact that I was a jerk.
A silly man with unrealistic dreams and passions.
I turned you into me and blamed you for it.
I turned your thoughts into pulp and still saw no wrong in it.
but now I take all the blame
for what i have done and didn't do.

Sorry it has taken me this long to speak
to speak of all the embarrassment you felt,
that i made you feel superior in your inferiority
and built a great castle in the air.
I take all the blame from you
I will not blame you for your uncertainty,
neither will I blame you for your bravery; my cowardice.

So please free you thoughts of me.
Rinse me out of your heart and hang me to dry.
Flip away the good days gone, how fleeting
and its stead put a crown of blame on my head.
For i know, that even if we both have been at fault
I will feel far better to take all the blame.
Not a notch of blotch to be found on you.

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