Wednesday, 3 May 2017



Hello Loves, I hope May did not take you by surprise as it did me. We are going to be alright nonetheless :-).

Everyone who knows me, knows I love sneakers (Tomboy problems lol) and the only thing I fantasize about all year would be swimwear (a contradiction maybe).

Now let's talk about my current obsession, shall we?
I'm not a ballerina kind of girl but Natives by Love Ankara got me all excited about flats, from their Eco-friendly and stylish packaging to how easy it is to put your flats in your purse or clutch. 

I love that the flats are so lightweight and comfortable, and they sure flatter my feet.
After several washes, the print does not fade and the packaging makes it ideal as a gift.

A worthy obsession if you asked me, I "heart" my flats and I "heart" the colour.

 The Native flats are made from premium leather and authentic limited edition African prints( Woodin and GTP), they are foldable and machine and hand washable. The in-soles are soft and prioritize comfort. Natives are hand-made in Ghana and available in sizes 38 to 44, delivery available both in Ghana and across the world on order and pre-order.

A Little information about the Love Ankara Brand;

" Love Ankara is about re-defining what authentic African fabric is. Our brand is a retail, fashion and decor brand that seeks to promote authentic African prints, empower women and preserve our local textile industries. Love Ankara fabrics, shoes and accessories are worn by powerful, outspoken, daring empowered women the world over...Women who are not afraid to be authentic, to be true to who they are! Love Ankara is our creative way of depicting our distinct cultures and personalities by showcasing our rich heritage through prints, fashion and decor. In Africa, fabric and prints are more than just cloth; it’s at the core of who we are as Africans, expressive, creative, confident; a colourful and authentic empire that carries an inextinguishable spirit...a joie de vivre! This is what makes us quintessentially African and by telling our story, we hope you'll come to love our brand and tell the world about it."


Whatsapp: +233 244 746597
Online Store :
Facebook: Love Ankara
Instagram: love_ankara
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Makeup : Dab_and_blend (Instagram)
Photography : thebluedee (Instagram)

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