Monday, 15 February 2016


Hello Everyone,this is actually my first post for 2016, I wanted this post to be my first for the year.. I hope I'm not the only one who feels like this year came with a charm of its own.
What's new with me?
I started doing yoga and believe me. getting into those yoga pants and checking myself out in the mirror is the only fun part.
Why didn't anyone warn me?
I am jealous of all your new moves Nana Serwaa, I am still trying to find my balance though. :-)

Now back to today's post;
#GIRLPOWER is a new monthly segment on the blog to celebrate and highlight the work of women(especially in Ghana)who have set the bar high in their chosen fields.
There are so many women doing amazing things in our part of the world and this is my own small way of saying "hi 5" ladies. Our #Girl of the month post will be up every last Friday of the month.

For the first post however, I made a list of seven(7) women who were truly inspiring in 2015. They're go-getters and worth knowing. I have met and interacted with some of them and the others I admire from afar. Hopefully our first 7 "GIRLS" inspire you too.

1. DOROTHY OSEI / DEE MAAT (IG: @stylecheckbydee )   

Dee is my soul sister, we connect on so many levels and we haven't even met yet.
She's a two-time BEFFTA wardrobe stylist award winner, a trained journalist , the creative director of Dolmich and works full time in a financial institution in London. I met Dee on Facebook when I stumbled on one of her personal style photos.
You're probably wondering how she does all that.
Her positive energy and effortless style sets her apart. Whenever I have a conversation with her, I learn something new, she's ever ready to share her knowledge on fashion and give her support.
You can stalk her too. Even from afar, you can learn a thing or two. 

2. CARITAS NAA AYELE ARYEE (IG @tatasjackiechan )

Sometimes i wonder where she gets all her energy from,because moving from my bed to the washroom can be such a struggle. This young lady has proved that with resilience and a big heart, you can achieve it all. She's a student , works at tiGo Ghana and is the CEO of GoDigital Ghana. Her foundation Tatas and Friends  rolls out social media campaigns all year round to support selected orphanages and individuals. 
You can support their current project #5forskuul by donation 5 Ghana Cedis to help provide basic items needed by students in deprived schools.She has a heart of gold and is committed to supporting the less privileged in society one project at a time.
We are proud of you Caritas and you inspire us in ways you can't even imagine.

3. GLORIA BUCKMAN YANKSON (IG @gloriabuckman )

You can call her the #Unrestricted one.Gloria runs one of the best event planning companies in Ghana (@PlanitGhana).Her zeal and warm personality amazes me all the time. She's one of the most hardworking women I know and her positive energy makes her even more admirable.So if you're looking at a career in events, you might want to join one of her periodic training programmes, visit PlanitGhana.Com for more information.Her passion and love for what she does is evident in her work. We adore you Gloria, you are a real #GirlPower.

4. ANITA ERSKINE (IG @theanitaerskine )

Oh did I tell you I love my "Jill of All Trades?" :-) I stalk her so much :-)
Anita knows her "stuff".
She's a TV personality and hosts about three(3) different TV programmes. She also works in radio, is a public speaker and the founder of Brand Woman Africa, a media content development company with a primary focus on the empowerment and advancement of African women across the world.
Dear Anita, you're one of the reasons why I feel I can do it all if I put my mind to it.

Super #GirlPower

5. DIANA OPOTI ( IG: @dianaopotipr )

She got me loving African fashion even more. I came across her #100DaysofAfricanFashion campaign on social media mans I've been hooked since then.
Diana is a fashion PR and TV content producer. She believes in Africa fashion and the success of her campaign goes to show the impact she's made. She often says " The best way to support African fashion is to wear an African fashion brand" , which emphasises her commitment to supporting local fashion business. Diana is a fashion and style influencer with a PURPOSE. Honestly, she made me see African fashion in a whole different light.
You're an amazing person Diana, and thank you for setting the pace for us to learn from and emulate.

6. LINDA NAA OYOO QUARTEY (IG: @oyooquartey )

She's the creative director of Roots by Naa, a fashion accessories brand and the the co-founder of storefoundry an online shopping centre. She is also a managing partner of OneBaobab, a content creation and social media management company that offers tailor made branding and social media marketing services to their clients.
This industrious young lady is also a Lifestyle blogger (
She launched her blog app last year and it is available for download on both Play Store and App Store .
Hardworking girls are the "ish", keep doing your thing Miss Naa .

7. FIONA AKU WORLANYO ANSA (IG: @aku_purpleheart ) 

Aku is an award winning filmmaker.
She addresses societal issues in her films and tells stories that are usually compelling and humorous at the same time.
Her choice of local Ghanaian languages in her films always does it for me, she's spontaneous and such a creative soul.
Her short films have been shown at several film festivals and she has won some awards for her hard work.
Valentine might be over but you can watch her award winning short film "Dear Valentine" hereI can't wait to see your next film Aku, and with young filmmakers like you, film-making in Ghana and Africa has a bright future.

Now tell me, which of our "GIRLS" will you be stalking? :-) :-)

Copyright of headline Illustration belongs to @peniel_enchill

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