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In our previous post we talked about how to make a good first impression at an interview. This is a follow up post, to draw attention to some mistakes that might cost you the job. Most of these mistakes happen because people get very anxious during an interview or they simply do not know how serious those mistakes are.

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Now here are some mistakes to avoid at all cost during an interview; 

  • Never be late for your interview, it is unacceptable. It is always better to get there about 30 minutes before your interview. Being late for an interview will make your employer think you lack work ethics or you're not taking them serious.

  • Don't go acting over-confident as it will come off as arrogance or act in a way that will make your employer think ,"you feel you're too good for the job" . Be confident in a good-natured way.

  • Never enter the interview room with your phone on ringing mode. It might ring during the interview and distract you and create a bad impression . Put for phone on silent or just turn it off during your interview.

  • Inappropriate or ill fitting Clothing. Your outfit should not be short, crumpled or dirty. Look smart and ready for work.

  • Do Not Lie - To hide a lie, you will be forced to tell some more lies and you will eventually contradict yourself. Just be honest and save yourself the trouble.

  • Saying bad things about your former job or employer is a complete turn off. No one wants to work with someone who speaks ill of others in their absence . You might do the same to them when you no longer work for them and they won't hire you because of that. If you have nothing positive to say about your former employers, simply talk about the contribution you made to the company.

  • Do not interrupt when you are being asked a question. Listen attentively and do not be too quick to speak. When given the opportunity to speak , keep it short and go straight to the point.If you talk too much, you might end saying something you're not supposed to.

  • Being pessimistic about your life and talking about how unfair life has been to you. No one is saying you don't have a reason to be sad but an employer will always choose someone who despite their challenges is optimistic and ready to take on whatever the future brings. Positive energy is key.

  • Being arrogant  is bad but so is looking scared and unsure of yourself.No matter what, the opportunity to learn new things should excite you and not scare you.

  • Don't make money the main focus of wanting the job. It is not necessarily a bad thing, just don't let your employer feel that you're more interested in the money than the work.
These few tips should help you ace that interview and book that job.
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Good luck in your search .
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