Tuesday, 28 February 2017


 You can imagine my excitement when I came across this brand on my Instagram because finding anything in a nude shade meant for a black girl can be a nightmare.
 Actually I followed a post on Jamila Acheampong's page and I was pleasantly surprised. 

I first met Jamila ( she's the creative director of this brand) some years back at a Blogging Ghana event a couple of years ago,I am super proud of her and knew this brand had to be part of 59 Days of Ghanaian Fashion. So on Day 7, I introduce to you KAHMUNE, barely a year old but this shoe brand has been featured in Elle USA and on several online portals.

KAHMUNE pronounced "com.mune" is a luxury line offering an array of footwear styles designed to match the skin tones of ALL women.

Their core values are;
  1. Representation: We stand for the women that both historically and currently do not see themselves embodied in the fashion and beauty industries.
  2.  Diversity:We stand for ALL women. All shades are beautiful! and 
  3.  Inclusion: We stand for the representation of under served communities. It's time we made sure all women have a seat at the table regardless of their complexion. 
According to Jamila;

 "The idea behind KAHMUNE was born in February 2016. Whilst browsing social media in search of “nude” clothes and accessories I noticed that the term always drew the same results."

"Although I was in search of items that matched my dark skin tone, all I kept coming across were the same beige, cream, and tan shades.

It was overtly clear that “nude” had a type. My Dad has always said that 'some of the best business ideas are the ones that solve a problem'. The fact that the term “nude” is attributed to a specific shade is a problem. KAHMUNE was born as a long overdue solution.

We have spent countless hours researching shades in order to ensure that we are able to serve the majority of complexions around the globe. At present, we offer our styles in 10 colors ranging from the fairest of skin tones to the darkest of brown."

And how amazing are these names for the different shades , Rio, Edinburg, Juba, Gaborone, Enugu, Douala, Kumasi, Goa and Bogota.

When I asked where she saw her brand in the next 5 years, Jamila had this to say; 

"I would love to make Kahmune a global brand and a household brand. Hopefully we'll have a few flagship stores around the globe as well. In terms of the products, the sky is the limit when it comes to shoes so my aim is for us to carry at least 50 styles! Maybe clothing? Cosmetics? Never say never!"
Find them on Instagram: @kahmune 
Or on their website: http://www.kahmune.com/


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